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Niiboi Quartey

Niiboi Quartey


Niiboi Quartey aka Niiboi Je Osu was born in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana in the 90s. After school, he tried to Study Marketing but two years later he realized his true passion which was to pursue his love of art and he switched to Ghanatta College of Art and Design where he completed in 8 months instead of 3years.

Niiboi is a true artist, his works are mostly contemporary, but he is also a Poet which he derived that through his storylines and titles of his Paintings .Niiboi is regarded as one of the greatest composers in the twenty first century. He spends a lot of time in the room reading. He uses bold vibrant colors to reveal the daily lives of nature such as the seas, mountains,rocks,bushes etc. often in an upbeat and humorous way.

His world in terms of the world is a great source of his inspiration as well and his art often reflects the kind of way he thinks.



” My work is about Consciousness and deep thinking, about simple everyday situations in the spirit world. Some people say I paint as an Alien interpreting the world of Humans . Some say my work is Undefined. “I am undefined “ I’m Niibøi Je Osu and i defined the truth of the realms.

“I am always happy as an artist ,as it has make me see both physical and spiritual”.


2015 GHANATTA College of Art and Design
2009-2013 Nkawkaw Senior High School (Visual Arts)

• 2016 street Art exhibition at the ChaleWotey street art festival
• 2016 creative director for Afrocapture Modelling and Photo shoot
• 2016 Performed at the Rain Makers Poetry Ghana
• 2016 Performed at the 1st Atlantic Bank Corporate of Advertising Department(Poetry /Spoken word)


2016Art seminar at Accra City Hotel representing Latsoplemplem art group

▪ Fluent in English, Twi and Ga

General: Reading, music, writing, teaching, painting, guidance, counselling and interacting with people and helping them
Research: Religion, Mankind and Paintings