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Kwesi Botchway – Ghana

Rivergirl akryl på lærred 30.000 kr
Kwesi Botchway er del af et projekt for Unisef , her interviewes han til medierne .
Her er 5 malerier ad Kwesi Botchway . Rivergirl, water boy, Mexican woman , del af World faze serien. Samt et tidlig maleri fra 2002




Words from the Artist :

My name is Kwesi Botchway founder of worldfaze: art studio. I was born in Accra-Ghana (NIMA),after my Primary and Junior High School, I developed my gifted talents in Art work,at the (Ghanatta College of Art and Design, where i graduated as a Professional Artist with Diploma in Painting.My ideas and style is inspired by the human Face and the skin textures. As an artist i have a particular interest for the Human face and also like to work on everything or what make a subject attractive and fascinating. My life goal is to paint interesting Portraits and interesting Subjects,Children,old,joyful,crying,straight and withered faces. The focus Part of my paintings is on the eyes which i believe the eye is where our soul displays its emotions and also the eye give us the access to feels each others consciousness, as i want people to have a deep connections with my painting rather than just enjoying the beautiful part of it and also experience their own natural Human Form.

Kwesi Botchway is now in part of a project with Unisef and 15 artists in Ghana

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